Rajjo 7 May 2023 Update On Suday

Rajjo’s Starlife Sunday, May 7, 2023 update begins with Urvashi dancing while wearing Itna’s makeup. Sabki baraatein aayi…. Rajjo watches. Along with them, the family also dances. Arjun dances with Madhu and gives her a hug. Rajjo cries when he sees them. She considers Mannu. Rajjo runs and hides while Tujhsa yahan koi nahi plays. Urvashi receives the gift from Madhu. Arjun’s father invites Chirag and Kalindi to the shagun ceremony. Arjun embraces Chirag. Madhu blows up.

She gives Chirag the shagun. Pushkar acts great towards his significant other Kavita. Mukund is moved aside. His significant other asks her for what good reason does she generally play with Sia, she is Kalindi and Chirag’s little girl. Ge yells at her. She weeps. Urvashi makes Arjun wear the ring. Rajjo looks on grinning. Everyone applauds. Rajjo claps as well. Arjun sees the ring. He appears lost. He takes the ring off. Rajjo is reached by the ring as it falls. Arjun goes in search of the ring. He believes its again a similar terrible stench, what’s going on here. Rajjo is unnoticed by him. The ring goes to him. She runs away from him.

He thinks Rajjo is here, so the bad smell is coming. He exits. Dada ji asks Arjun did you get the ring. Arjun says yes because it fell out of his hand. Dada ji says it happens when both brain and heart are obstinate. Arjun says it needs to pay attention to me, I live in actuality, no fantasy. Rajjo fasts.

Urvashi is made to wear the ring by Arjun. Everyone applauds. Arjun can see Rajjo. He thinks she… there is nobody. They all dance on London Thumakda. Rajjo attempts to run out. She stops when Pushkar notices her. She becomes afraid. He yells at her and orders her to finish her work.

Lights appear. Everyone applauds. Rajjo takes off. Arjun inquires as to for what reason are you remaining here. Pushkar responds that your servant was present, and she was dressed in filth. Arjun thinks there is nobody such. Urvashi howls. Arjun inquires, “All right, why did you yell?” She claims that we have 5 lakh social media followers. Congratulations to Urvashi, Arjun says. Urvashi says we will take a family pic and post. They snap a family picture. Rajjo weeps and begs for Arjun to always be content with Urvashi.

Urvashi requests that Arjun accompany her to a corner. Rajjo says, “I want to find my mom, I don’t want to stay here, why are they coming this side, I have to run upstairs,” and he doesn’t want to stay here. Urvashi is asked to say something by Arjun. Rajjo comes to Arjun’s room once more. Arjun is taken to his room by Urvashi. He requests that she say. She states, “Please provide it here if you wish.” He inquires about your desire. She expresses wants for our commitment.

Since no one is present, she advises him not to be shy. Madhu calls Arjun after Rajjo says, “I’m here, kiss before marriage.” Arjun tells you to write down the wishes and I’ll give them to you when you marry. My mother is calling, so I have to go. Urvashi asserts that Madhu has not forgotten Arjun and that I must accompany Arjun.

She calls somebody. Rajjo lies down. Arjun approaches Madhu. She says you know when this kitchen was straightforward, there was a concrete stage here. He claims that for the first time, I remembered calling you Maa. She responds that although Chirag was the elder, you called me Maa first because you were unruly and had always been with me. He claims that you called me to speak.

She says OK, you generally ask me for things or any matter, I got routine to this, I was saying, you don’t grab my work after your marriage. She weeps. What are you saying, he inquires. She says, “I know you are my good son, you won’t forget me.” However, love splits after marriage, and a son starts calling his wife “mom” rather than “wife.” He comforts her with a hug. He claims that you are my mother, that you brought me into the world, and that you hold a significant place in my life.

Arjun talks to Urvashi before going to his room. Rajjo is unnoticed by him. He experiences the same unpleasant smell once more. I now have a right to you because Urvashi claims that we got half married today. He smells his socks to check. She claims that I have devised a strategy to flee with you; we will travel to a location where only we two will be present; please try to comprehend. He looks in his bathroom and cupboard. Are you listening, she asks? His phone’s battery is getting low, so he says yes. She tells us to charge it and go on a jungle safari. He looks over his bag. When he sees Rajjo, he shouts, “What?”

Urvashi claims that we don’t do anything; why can’t we book the same room? Arjun declares, “Done. I’ll talk later.” Rajjo asks him about her name. Rajjo says Rajjo. He yells at her and demands to know how she got inside the suitcase. Rajjo says sorry. She emerges from the baggage. She falls over him on the bed.

Taqdeerein plays, and he escapes. He asks, “Are you dumb or stupid, tell me what you’re doing here, in my room, and in my suitcase?” Rajjo claims that you did not ask me to respond in Hindi. He inquires as to what are you doing here. She reclines. He urges her to flee. He gets mad. He asks did I get you here. She says you got me here in a beat, sit, it’s a boring tale. He takes a seat and asks her to say now.

She notifies him by signing. He requests that she talk. She lets him know everything. She states, “I came here to find Maai; you stopped the pace; I jumped down; I hid from you; Sheru got after me; so I climbed the wall and entered the room; I saw you semi-naked; there was no light; I saw you with your fiancée.” He wonders what. She responds that I was present when you were playing, that uncle saw me, and I had to leave. When I closed my eyes, I didn’t see Urvashi and you kissing, so I fell asleep, and you found me. He yells at her a lot.

According to him, Pushkar was telling me about you: “If I hadn’t seen you, you would have stayed here,” and “what would I tell my parents about you?” She becomes angry. He affronts her. She argues with him and weeps. She asserts that Maai also tells the truth about rich people, who are bad. However, not all poor people are bad. I was helpless; I came here to find Maai; I wanted to get your help; I was afraid of you; I have only my mother. Pardon me if I’ve made a mistake; I didn’t come to bother you. She goes. She runs and hops down the overhang. He yells Rajjo and then pursues her. To save her, he holds her. It downpours outside. He forces her to stop.

He has her hand in his. She states, “Leave me; I’m going; I’m not dying; don’t act heroically to save me.” Are you mad, he inquires? I’m not sly, but she says yes. He invites her inside. She says, “Let me go, I won’t come inside” because you insulted me and I’m not afraid of you. He declares, “I won’t let you go and leave my hand.” He raises her. That is Madhu’s path. Rajjo inquires as to for what reason did you stop me.

He claims it’s late, but I’m warning you for your safety because you might get into trouble. Madhu feels knee torment while climbing the steps. Rajjo tells about wild creatures. Arjun states, “Stop it, my head hurts, just get quiet.” I understood. She weeps. She says we will proceed to see as mum, I have nobody with the exception of her, in the event that she gets into peril…

She requests that he help her and think that she is mum. He says we will go in the morning because everything is closed at this time and we can’t go at night. She asks truly. He affirms. She lauds him for bringing life to everyone. He says goodness, I m complimented, remain here this evening, don’t yell. Why would you believe Chirag that Arjun took his medications in front of me?

Madhu says I accepted you, you lost my confidence. He says your expression demonstrates your inability to tolerate me. She yells at him. She says that I despise your alcoholism; Arjun paid the price for it because you raced the bike while drunk and didn’t think of Arjun, causing an accident. He says it worked out, I wasn’t excessively tanked. Madhu advises contacting Arjun, who sacrificed his life to save yours by donating a kidney.

I revile the day when he came here from US for your birthday, his future got destroyed, he was accomplishing great work there, he is presently on medications, he is currently selling composts here as a result of you, you have no disgrace, you actually embrace, think what Arjun goes through, simply think about yourself, egotistical man. She starts to weep. Sadly, he drinks. Rajjo says nobody will know that I m here. He climbs the wall. He states, “You can do anything, come down,” I understood.

He says now I comprehend, from where is this terrible stench coming, proceed to scrub down. She dries the fabric/took and glances around to spread it. She weeps. She goes to the restroom. She is taken aback. She says such a major restroom.

He tosses the item he snatched into the trash. She has a shower. Arjun says, “How will I manage?” This stupid girl has no sense, so it’s good that she didn’t go somewhere wrong. Rajjo yells for him to call.

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