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The life of Razia Sultan is the focus of the show. By himself, Sultan Iltutmish appointed her ruler. Even though he had a lot of sons, he thought Razia would be a better ruler. Later, the show focuses on India in the 13th century and Razia’s daily struggles as a Sultan and a woman.

As a present for Eid, Shahzaadi Razia intends to present her father, Sultan Altamash (Iltutmish), with a memento of his past. When she goes to Nizam, the Sultan’s former employer, she meets Fatima, Nizam’s slave. Because Nizam passes away before he can free Fatima from her slavery, Fatima must be buried alongside him. Fatima is now Razia’s new helper after Razia saves her.

It appears that Shah Turkan, the Lahore-based courtesan of Sultan Altamash, came to celebrate Eid with the Sultan and their son, Rukn Uddin Firoz. Shah Turkan is a manipulative woman who will stop at nothing to have her son named Sultan-e-Hind, the heir to the throne. Rukn Uddin is a brat with arrogance who enjoys humiliating and torturing individuals at will. In the public market, Razia and Rukn Uddin clash, resulting in animosity between them.

The Eid festivities have begun. Shah Turkan and Qutb Begum, Sultan’s wife and mother of Razia, Naasir, and Shazia, compete for Sultan’s affections because Shah Turkan has the first right to Eid, a gift from Sultan to his family. Razia asks Qutb Begum to ask Sultan to spend Eid with them, but Qutb Begum and Shamshad Begum, Qutb Begum’s mother and the wife of former Sultan Qutb Uddin Aibak, are dismayed when Razia asks for Fatima’s life instead.

They wanted to ask for Shehzaadah Naasir, Sultan’s first son, to receive the Subedaari (military and political control of a region, stepping stone to becoming heir to the Sultan’s throne) of Delhi because he is most deserving. Sultan, on the other hand, makes the decision to spend Eid with Shah Turkan, giving her the opportunity to request Rukn Uddin’s Subedaari as the Eidi. When Razia invites the King of Ghazni, Taj Al-din Sultan Yaldoz, Sultan’s friend and Naasir’s teacher, to Delhi for Eid, she foils Shah Turkan’s plans. In order to please Razia’s mother, Sultan Altamash is now compelled to spend Eid with his Royal family.

During the Eid celebration, Qutb Begum and Shah Turkan both ask for the Subedaari of Delhi for their sons simultaneously. Sultan responds by organizing a competition for all capable men to fight for the Subedaari, giving everyone an equal chance. Shah Turkan is worried that Rukn Uddin will lose, but Qutb Begum has no reservations.

A man by the name of Mirza Altunia (Malik Ikhtyaar Uddin Altunia) is shown roaming around Delhi with his friend Zaaroon in another location. He is philosophical, carefree, and a self-assured teen looking for ways to keep himself occupied. Razia also comes to the Dargah to pray for her brother’s success in the competition. He goes there to purchase his favorite perfume. Mirza takes her prayer-embroidered and perfumed handkerchief and keeps it with him because it has his perfume on it. He learns about the contest and decides to participate as well.

To the dismay of the Royal family, Shah Turkan sabotage Naasir’s riding gear, which causes him to fall during the battle and results in his defeat. Only Rukn Uddin remains in the competition. Mirza enters the fray just before he is declared the winner, defeats him, and becomes the Subedaar of Delhi. He is shown to have returned to where he came from because he does not stop to take his prize. He does this because he realized Rukn Uddin cheated during the competition and was unfit to be the Subedaar. In the meantime, Razia rejoices that Naasir still has a chance and that Rukn Uddin will not be the Subedaar.

It is demonstrated that Mirza is a slave of a quarry and owner of forgeries, whose horse and armor Mizra had stolen for the fight. It is demonstrated that the owner is cruel and unjust by killing another slave for stealing food. In Delhi, it is considered a grave sin when Mirza kills his master because he sees this and becomes enraged. He and Zaaroon leave the scene and decide to leave Delhi.

Shah Turkan accidentally tells Razia that she tampered with Naasir’s riding gear, which led to his defeat. Razia decides to look for the damaged saddle to determine the cause. But Shah Turkan and Rukn Uddin get ahead of her, causing Sultan and Naasir to misunderstand each other. With his mother and grandmother, Naasir leaves the palace in rage for his uncle’s kingdom of Multan. In order to persuade her father to forgive Naasir, Razia decides to remain at home.

She decides later to travel to Multan to persuade her brother to return. She is accompanied by Rana Maartand, an aide to the Sultan and dependable military commander. In the meantime, Shah Turkan arranged for her men to join Razia’s guard. All of the soldiers except Rana Maartand fought with Naasir when Razia arrived at Multan, leading Razia to believe that the Sultan wanted war.

In the fight that ensues because of a misunderstanding, he kills Rana Martand. The Sultan is led to believe that Naasir intends to wage war because he receives Rana Martand’s and other soldiers’ bodies as corpses. Razia wants to stop the war at any cost, but both sides have begun to prepare for it.

Because he is both a mentor to Naasir and a friend of the Sultan, she decides to travel alone to Ghazni to seek assistance from Sultan Yaldoz. She gets ready to leave with her servant Chanda, but Fatima stays behind to try to keep Razia informed and control the situation. Razia’s family in Multan thinks she has gone to Delhi, but the Sultan thinks she is still in Multan.

Mirza decides to meet his childhood friends one last time before leaving for Ghazni. It is revealed that he was once a student of Haaji Jamaal, an assassin who teaches young boys to kill for money. This training also went to Mirza, who became proficient in using weapons and fighting.

But Haaji Jamaal wants Mirza killed because he doesn’t like that Mirza left them and didn’t become an assassin, and Haaji also worries that Mirza will tell others about the secrets of his society. When Haaji says that Mirza is his best student, two of his students become envious and decide to kill Mirza to get the title.

Razia sets out on her journey and encounters numerous obstacles. She sees men carrying some young girls who are held in cages. She makes the decision to free the girls, but in the process, she gets herself captured. She then travels with the men to Mandi Kabraan, a marketplace where young women and girls are bought and sold for use as courtesans, prostitutes, or slaves. Razia makes the decision to free herself and the other girls from their shackles.

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