Shocking Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday 25th August 2021: Episode


Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday 25th August 2021 Episode started with Veer talking to Pakhi about the project, which has no loss. He said I did not come to take over the business, but to help you. Anshuman was really smart and made everything clear by making the project merge if there was any risk. She said what if they don’t agree. He said just go and say like I said. Pakhi went to talk to the investors.

Anuja smiled. She asked them to fill their amounts and she will sign and release it. Everyone started filling. Pakhi thanked them for their support and this project is special, and she doesn’t need investor’s money, as govt has passed this by urban development plan. She told them the benefits of the projects to make them change their mind.

She said this was close to Anshuman and he had plan B also ready, with or without your support, this project will be done, after you take the money, you won’t be linked to this project. They agreed to work in the project. Pakhi smiled.

They asked her to start the work and give presentation next week. Veer saw this and smiled. Pakhi thanked him. He said you convinced them well, so my job is fixed as an advisor. Anuja asked is he coming home, you won’t have anyone. Pakhi asked does he have anyone. Veer said I make someone mine wherever I go.

Pakhi filled oil in cycle chain and Ayaan looked on. She became hurt and Ayaan said we will got it repaired with mechanic. She said nothing happened, did we send cycle to repair shop, your dad used to do it at home. Anuja told Veer that no one can take Anshuman’s place, she has become mum and dad for Ayaan.

She didn’t understand that Aryaman can take Anshuman’s place, his younger brother, who is in jail now. I know Pakhi will never forgive him. He asked Veer to explain Pakhi and help her.

He said what will I do, how will I explain to her, why will she agree to me. She said she will agree, as she did in the morning. She said make her agree to forgive Aryaman and bring him back home. Anuja said Ayaan accepted this, what after many months, he needs a dad and Aryaman can fill that place.

She said I want Pakhi to marry Aryaman, she will get a husband, Ayaan will get a dad. Aryaman will change if he marries her. She said Pakhi can touch anyone and make it gold. She said Pakhi is my responsibility, does she not have a right to get happiness again. She said only Aryaman can fulfill Anshuman’s promises.

Pakhi made the cycle fine and Ayaan became glad. Ayaan said I don’t need anyone, just you, me and dad. Pakhi thinks she has Anshuman’s memories to live her life. Veer said you are right.

Pakhi needs a chance to be happy, but she doesn’t want any help, she can manage everything on her own, what I said, she executed it, she is very intelligent, she has a mind of her own, it’s not easy to convince her, what do we need to do, make her forgive Aryaman, and bring him home, and marry him, this is difficult.

Anuja said Pakhi should not know this. Veer said I am lawyer, I know it won’t happen if she knows this. He looked at Pakhi and said don’t worry, I have come, and Aryaman will also come. Anuja smiled. Veer talked to Pakhi asking is his job fixed now. She signed his job offer form. He asked her to see the legal documents tomorrow morning. He said I won’t wish to see any stain on your company. He cleaned her stain on her face and guided her. She said it alright, I will clean it. She said I will get it washed and give you, that too without any stain. He said its tough but will happen, see you at 10 and he left.

Pakhi thinks she has to read all the files carefully and has to do Anshuman’s work, how Veer read it so soon and gave good advice. She asked Ayaan to sleep. Ayaan asked her to sleep too. She hugged him and said it will take some time, I have much work, you sleep. Ayaan sat waiting for her. Pakhi started her work. She looked him and asked what happened, why is he not sleeping.

He said you did not ask me what I did in school, not sang the lullaby. She said sorry holding her ears. She tickled him and said all blames are not right. They laughed. He said I was saying for you, so that you sleep on time, else it can make your health bad, then how will you go to the office.

She said so this was for me, first make me let me sleep by the lullaby. She talked to him about his school. He said about dad teaching him maths and he slept. She smiled and kissed him. Pakhi thinks about Aryaman’s words and woke up from her sleep. She washed her face and said I don’t need anyone. I will fulfill Anshuman’s dream, I don’t need any Aryaman, I can’t sleep, as I have much work. I can’t let Rathore company’s name go down.

Pakhi and Veer met a guy for blueprints. The guy asked for Rs 2 crores. She thinks how will she get so much money.


The Episode started with Pakhi thinking she doesn’t need anyone’s help. She worked till morning and slept. It’s morning, Ayaan asked Maha ji not to make noise as Pakhi was sleeping. Anuja made Ayaan ready. Maha ji said Pakhi always gets up early. Pakhi woke up and saw the time. She said I have to send Ayaan to school. Maha ji said is she not well. I will go and see. Ayaan said don’t make noise. Anuja said she slept at 4am, whats the problem if she sleeps, you go and drop Ayaan to school. Maha ji said no, I mean Pakhi will be annoyed that I did not wake her. Ayaan said he will have food in the canteen. Pakhi came and said I will make tiffin. Ayaan said no.

Pakhi said why did you not wake me Maa. Anuja said let it be. Pakhi saw Veer cooking in the kitchen. He talked non stop and said he is making some dish. She said let me do, I have to make tiffin for Ayaan. Anuja came and saw Veer cooking. Veer says try something different. Pakhi said I like this. He said you worked all night. Anuja asked Pakhi to give her some responsibility. Pakhi left to get ready. Veer said it’s tough to make up to her.

Ashok brought snacks for Ayaan and his friends. They praised Pakhi. Ayaan said Veer uncle made this. His friends asked how will his mum manage. They asked Ayaan not to be upset, as their parents doesn’t know Pakhi is a superwoman. Ayaan said yes. They like the snacks. Pakhi sat in the car to leave. Veer stopped her and gave her the pallu. She thanked him. He said why do I enter as hero always, I just hate it, I always came to help you. She said lets go, we are getting late. He said yes and sat beside her. They talked about work on the way.

He said he revised the documents. She asked when. He said I sleep for just two to three hours, that’s enough. He said about getting blueprints, how will we manage with advance. She said yes, we have to show it in one week. They came to meet the architect and he seems to be a religious man Vaswani. The man saw his daughter and opened his eyes. He said the day goes good when you see a married woman, not a widow. He said Anshuman left, he was like my son, and you are too young to be a widow.

He said I did his every project, he used to fight and take decisions in minutes. Veer said Pakhi will complete his dream project. Vaswani praised it. Pakhi smiled and asked about the blueprints, as she has meeting next week with the investors. He asked for money. She said yes, we have to talk. He said Anshuman told me everything, we signed a contract. She said yes I know, but there is some problem, so we came to talk to you personally. She thinks he won’t agree without money, if I don’t get the password before 15 days, how will I get the money.

He asked what happened, looks like you forgot chequebook in the office, call me and I will come home with blueprints. She said give it to me, and we will give cheque to you in 10-15 days. He said I will just come, it’s fine. He asked Pakhi to read the document and sign it. She said fine, I can give you in written.

She was shocked reading it and showed to Veer. She asked whats all this written in this. She said how can I sell you my old project in half price. He laughed and said yes, It will be my loss if I give you the blueprint today, if anyone knows I gave for free, they will make me work for free always.

Pakhi and Veer came home. She said how will we pay Vaswani. Anuja made few woolen clothes for Lavanya’s child. She asked why is she worried. Pakhi said Anshuman always noted important things, but this account password is not in any diary. She called Aparna and asked are you sure you don’t know about the passwords, maybe Anshuman made you write anywhere. Aparna said the password was received on his accident’s day, so maybe he did not get chance to write it anywhere. Veer said this is tough.

Pakhi came to Anshuman and said this can’t happen that Anshuman did not tell me or did not keep record. She talked to Anshuman’s pic, and asked him to help her. Pakhi saw Anshuman’s accident clothes and checked the pockets. She got a tissue in it with something written on it.

She showed it to Veer and said this can’t be the password. She said it’s the password. He said this can’t be, it’s a business deal encoded. She said lets try. He said you will get just three trials, if you fail, it’s a risk of Rs 150 crores. She said you always asked me to try. She said if this is the password, our problem will be solved. She said I will try this on Anshuman’s laptop, maybe it is the one.

Pakhi tried and didn’t get the password. Veer asked her to take Aryaman;s help and she refused.