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While Nour is celebrating his engagement to Maria among his brothers, a girl called Mira arrives, claiming that she is their sister. She shows them a video of their father Farid Nouh, telling them that she has the biggest share of the inheritance.

Nour tried to negotiate with Mira but she declines. Maria asks him to get closer to Mira to win her over. Sara cheats on her husband Karam with Amir.

Sara tells Masa that she is having an affair with Amir. Hany finds out that Fady is attracted to Maria. Masa’s father refuses to let his daughter marry Hany.

Maria hides her previous relationship with Fady. It’s revealed that Masa’s mother had an affair with Farid Nouh which is why her father opposed her marriage to Hany. Amir is the father of Sara’s son Zain, not Karam.

Mira tries to get close to her brothers but they refuse. Riad gets closer to Faten. Masa tells Sara that she needs to tell Karam the truth. Amir decides to confirm what Sara told him about Zain.

Luna asks Majd to marry her. Maria suspects that Nour likes Mira. Faten marries Riad.

Luna asks Majd to marry her. Maria suspects that Nour likes Mira. Faten marries Riad.

season 1 episode #7

7th Episode

Amir confirms that Zain is his son and asks Sara not to tell Karam. Nour asks Mira to leave him alone because he loves Maria.

season 4 episode #8

8th Episode

Majd tells Mira that he is attracted to her. Maria is upset that Nour postponed the wedding. Hany and Masa decide to look for her mother.

season 1 episode #9

9th Episode

Fady tells Nour and the rest of the family that he is in love with Maria. Majd finds out that Nour is involved with Mira.

season 1 episode #10

10th Episode

Nour breaks up with Maria. Luna finds out that her father Riad is involved with Faten. Nour puts Mira in charge of managing the properties alongside him.

season 1 episode #11

11th Episode

Nour confesses his love for Mira. Amir tells Nour that he is having an affair with Sara and asks him for help.

season 1 episode #12

12th Episode

Sara asks Karam for a divorce. Fady decides to help Mira incite a feud between Maria and Nour. Amir refuses to acknowledge his son but supports him financially.

season 1 episode #13

13th Episode

Mira tells her mother that she likes Nour. Nour refuses to fire Maria from work and Mira decides to intervene.

season 1 episode #14

14th Episode

It’s revealed that Yousra and Hany were in love in the past but she left him. Maria tells Nour that she is pregnant but he doubts the baby’s paternity.

season 1 episode #15

15th Episode

Faten finds out about Amir’s relationship with Sara. Nour tells Mira that he is going to marry Maria.

season 1 episode #16

16th Episode

When Naya starts working with Majd, Mira mistreats her. Farag wants to leave the house when he learns that Zain is Amir’s son.

season 1 episode #17

17th Episode

Rehab tries to prevent Mayar from marrying Luna. Karam learns of Sara’s relationship with Amir and decides to take revenge on them.

season 1 episode #18

18th Episode

Karam decides to take Zain from Sara. When Amir fights with Mira and hits her, Nour stands up to him.

season 1 episode #19

19th Episode

Karam kidnaps Zain after he finds out that he is not Zain’s father but Nour resolves the issue. Riad tells Rehab that Luna is blackmailing him when she sees him with Faten.

season 1 episode #20

20th Episode

Amir refuses to marry Sara and asks her to live with her mother. Mira tries to compensate Karam with money but he refuses.

season 1 episode #21

21st Episode

Mayar refuses to return to Luna. Masa leaves the house after she finds out that her father knows where her mother is.

season 1 episode #22

22nd Episode

Maria tells Nour that Fady is bothering her. Rafik agrees to let Hany marry his daughter Masa provided that he brings her to him. When Mira and Nour sleep together, someone films their dalliances.

season 1 episode #23

23rd Episode

Karam tells Sara that he will sell the house. Majd tells Naya about his love for Mira. Fady shows Maria the video of Nour and Mira.

season 1 episode #24

24th Episode

It’s revealed that Mira planned with Fady to make the video. Maria decides to go through with her wedding. Rehab is upset that Luna and Naya are staying at Mayar’s house.

season 1 episode #25

25th Episode

When Fady has an accident, his brothers rush to his side. Hany and Amir ask their lawyer Asil to get rid of Mira and Faten but he declines.

season 1 episode #26

26th Episode

Salama hates Hany and tries to sabotage his work. Mira asks the brothers to lay off workers but they refuse.

season 1 episode #27

27th Episode

Riad is disturbed by Rehab’s control of his life.

Masa travels to Cairo to look for her mother.

season 4 episode #28

28th Episode

It’s revealed that Shady is Majd’s brother but Majd doesn’t believe him. Masa finds her mother.

season 1 episode #29

29th Episode

Mira and her mother move into a hotel. Hany’s aunt Mervat is annoyed that she has Masa’s mother in their home. Majd falls apart when he finds out the truth about his family. Masa is upset when Yousra tells her that she still loves Hany.

season 1 episode #30

30th Episode

Majd refuses to visit his family. Masa asks her mother to move with her to Dubai.

season 1 episode #31

31st Episode

Luna marries Mayar behind her family’s back. Hany is upset by his aunt’s behavior due to her hatred of Masa and her mother.

season 1 episode #32

32nd Episode

Fady survives a suicide attempt. Luna’s family is disturbed by Mayar’s poor financial conditions. Masa is upset with Yousra’s behavior.

season 1 episode #33

33rd Episode

Fady asks Nour to help him get through his crisis. Sara is glad that she owns the house. Amir starts treating Mira better.

season 1 episode #34

34th Episode

Nour starts treating Mira badly. Luna’s family refuses to help her. Fady tells his doctor that he is an alcoholic because of his father. Masa returns to Dubai with her mother.

season 1 episode #35

35th Episode

Nour is bothered by Amir’s closeness to Mira. Mayar is bothered by Luna’s inappropriate behavior.

season 1 episode #36

36th Episode

Samar threatens to reveal Rehab’s secret since Rehab borrowed money from Farid Nouh in the past. Karam asks his uncle Rafik to renovate the restaurant. Riad agrees to let Mayar and Luna stay with him.

season 1 episode #37

37th Episode

Hany asks Nour to help him when his work in Egypt is ruined. Amir wants to marry Mira. When Fady ruins the opening ceremony of Rafik’s restaurant, Nour intervenes to end the problem.

season 1 episode #38

38th Episode

Maria leaves the house when she grows sure that Nour loves Mira. Faten suggestes that Rehab hires Samar in the place of Sara.

season 1 episode #39

39th Episode

Maria asks Nour for a divorce. Hany warns Amir against getting close to Mira. Majd apologizes to Naya for being away from her.

season 1 episode #40

40th Episode

Maria is upset after losing her baby and Fady stands by her side. Mira decides to stay away from Nour.

season 1 episode #41

41st Episode

Sara threatens Mira to stay away from Amir. Amir’s brothers are upset when he agrees to let Mira and her mother stay with them.

season 1 episode #42

42nd Episode

Fady decides to marry Maria. Amir tries to stop Maria and Nour from getting divorced. Faten is in a relationship with Asil.

season 1 episode #43

43rd Episode

Nour’s brothers are upset when he tells them that he wrote half of his wealth over to Maria.

season 1 episode #44

44th Episode

Hany finds out that Salama conned Yousra. Shady quit his job because of Majd’s bad treatment of him.

season 1 episode #45

45th Episode

Nour is shocked that Maria refuses to give up her dower. Samar tells Riad that Rehab was in a relationship with Farid Nouh.

season 1 episode #46

46th Episode

Rehab tells Maria that she took money from Farid Nouh in the past. Shady tells Naya that he loves her but she tells him that she likes Majd.

season 1 episode #47

47th Episode

Amir is upset that Mira left him. Nour offers to buy Mira’s share in the estate, but she refuses. Nour finds out that Fady and Maria are seeing each other.

season 1 episode #48

48th Episode

Nour kicks Fady out of the house and fires Mira. Amir decides to take over the management from Nour and asks Asil to help him.

season 1 episode #49

49th Episode

Masa’s father agrees to get back together with her mother. Nour’s brothers are upset after he offers Mira a large sum of money to waive all of her rights. Asil is stalling in paying Maria’s alimony. Faten tells Mira that Farid Nouh is not her father.

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