Oh My God!: Suman Threatens To Kill Vividha Just As She Killed Guddi

suman threatens to kill vividha

Suman threatens to kill Vividha also, fearing that Vividha might surely get to the root of her investigation on finding who murdered Guddi. In our previous article, Suman planned Guddi’s fake death drama to separate Atharv and Vividha so that he won’t come in-between Ravish and Vividha’s marriage. 

It wasn’t Atharv alone but Guddi was also coming in-between Ravish and Vividha thus Suman decided to plan the fake death drama. Recalling Suman’s conversation with Dadiji, she said, “you can understand my state when I heard about Guddi, I felt my life was repeated, a woman will snatch someone’s husband, I could not control my anger…I could not see Guddi ruining their house, I had to do something else I don’t know what Guddi will do. 

Dadaji asked, do you mean you are involved in Guddi’s accident? Suman replied, I just wanted no one to come between Ravish and Vividha, not even Guddi. Now I want Vividha to stay away from these matters, she is wasting time. He said, Vividha will not listen to anyone. She said I know, I don’t know how to convince her or force her to listen.”

But Vividha who was bent on exposing her sister’s murderer was becoming a threat for Suman as she felt she would surely get to the bottom of this investigation, and so Suman threatens to kill Vividha if she doesn’t call off her investigation, so that she can stay away from finding the culprit.

But of course, Suman can never harm Vividha. This was just a message to scare her off.