Onay Regains Consciousness. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt2, 20 June 2022: Episode 137


The episode begins with Nathalie snatching Helena’s phone from her. Nathalie says would she call Handor so he will spwla the truth? Helena says it was it me. She cries and admits being the one who did that. Helena says she tried to take you away from me that’s why I did that I did. Nathalie says so that means you should kill aunty Onay? Helena says I am sorry, I had no choice this time.. I had to, you understand that? 

I just had to do it. Helena tries to justify herself. Nathalie shuts her up. Helena says it was their fault I did that. Nathalie says I can’t believe this is your truth. Helena says it was for you, Nathalie. Nathalie dumps her phone and goes. Nathalie says Nathalie please forgive me. 

But Nathalie didn’t listen to her but went. Helena blames Onay for all of these. She says this is on you, Onay, I hate you. Agartha comforts a broken hearted Helena who wouldn’t listen to anything. Helena weeps. Dante and Lucas are with Onay when suddenly, they see her eyeballs rolling. 

They say Onay is coming back to life. Dante goes to call the doctor. Lucas held Onay’s hands. Doctor comes.and checks on Onay. Maila, Nelia and Sali are waiting outside. Dante comes to them and informs them that Onay has returned back to life and is now conscious. Lucas welcomes Onay back. Maila also goes to her and they all speak with Onay. 

Onay asks about Rosemary. If she is doing well. They all bend over her with joy. Lucas looks on. Nathalie is in cat crying as she remembers all that Helena said when she admits her crimes. Nathalie receives a call, it was from Helena. She didn’t answer and pressed her legs on the accelerator. She almost run into and accident and appy the brakes. She heaves a sigh of relief. Thoughts of Helena’s crimes still run through her head. She cries and hits the steering wheel. 

Helena kept calling Nathalie saying answer that call. Agartha says can you just control your emotions Helena, be careful of your decisions. Helena says what? Agartha says what I want to say is that your decisions and your actions…Helena says my actions are determined by my enemies..if they didn’t decide to take Nathalie but force, I wouldn’t have retaliated. 

Agartha says but then here you are now! Helena says well that’s because they brainwashed my daughter. They made her believe that I am the bad guy. In fact I did everything for her. I did everything to protect Nathalie. Soleng speaks about the issue. Helena holds her mouth and says, you are here to pour wine, I didn’t ask for your opinion. 

Helena says to Agartha, call Luise now, maybe she knows where Nathalie is. Agartha says most likely but we’re not in speaking terms right now because of you. Helena says why is it because of me? What did I do? Agartha says it’s okay. They sipped their wine. Nathalie goes Luise and tells her what has happened. As they were speaking, Nathalie receives a call. 

She felt reluctant to answer thinking it’s Helena. She goes the phone to Luise to check. Luise checks and tells her no, it’s not Helena. Nathalie answers the phone and it was Maila. Maila bashes with Helena’s issue. Nathalie shouts and says stop bothering me.

 Maila says she didn’t mean to and tells her that their mother has regained consciousness. It was such good news to Nathalie. Luise asks what it? Is it about Onay? She is your biological mother. Nathalie thinks of what she’s been through with Onay, when they got kidnapped till when Onay was hospitalized. Nathalie smiles and says to Luise, mommy is back. Luise hugs her. 

 Luise says I am so happy for you. As Onay was there in the hospital, Helena’s informants inform her that Onay is back. Helena says are you telling me thay Onay is awake? Helena says damn! And where the hell is Nathalie. Nathalie shows up. Helena says Nathalie, you came back, I was about to tell the police to look for you. She hugs her. Nathalie tells Helena that her mother Onah is back and she came to say a goodbye to her. She said and went…Read more