Lucas Goes To Confess To Onay. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday, 20 April 2022: Episode 70

The episode begins with Helena at home watching the news on tv about the suspect in Onay’s case, Emmanuel Cruz losing his life. The media continue pressing Onay to hear her statement. Maila comes to her rescue and takes Onay away. She shuts the door behind the reporters. Onay cries as Maila consoles her. Lucas meets Vincent about Emman’s issue and they have a fight. They argue. 

Lucas then leaves. At home, Onay is back, she meets with her family, Salia consoles Onay as she narrates her plight. After 20yrs she has hope that she will come to know who r@ped her, but now all her hope is lost. Onay cries. Helena is being massaged. She says she is tired of seeing Onay everywhere on the television news. Nathalie says mom, I thought you wanted Justice for Elvin? She says yes, she wanted to get Justice for him, but later realized it was useless. 

Lucas is speaking with Hector about the problem at hand. Oliver comes and says dad, any problem? He says dad is everything okay? He says yes he was just worried for Onay and Maila. And says he is really sorry that he couldn’t help. Oliver says it’s okay now, we should do everything to support them and then goes to do his homework. Vincent is in his car, he says Lucas is pushing me so hard at the wall. 

Lucas goes to Onay’s house to confess his sins. He hears Onay crying about her plight. This made Lucas cry on top of his voice. They heard him. Maila and Onay ask who is crying? They went to check and saw Vincent crying, Vincent was about to confess his sins..


Emelda comes home and says hi son, where’s your dad? He replies, he just went out with Hector. Emelda complains about the sudden change in his attitude. Oliver says he has also seen that and even heard him speaking with Hector about a problem, but he didn’t tell him. Emelda says something is bothering him. She then says am sure he is having issues with some cases but I know him, he is a good man. She goes to her room. 

Vincent takes a photo with Gracie and sends it to Lucas to blackmail him from not revealing the secret. Lucas sees the photo and asks to go without confessing. He tells Hector to hurry because Gracie’s life may be in danger. Gracie then goes to her friends. It appears Vincent was also putting fear into Lucas. Onay and her family wonder about the strange behavior of attorney Samonte. Vincent arrives and asks him to stay away from his daughter. Dante is making calls with Nelia, Helena overhears and asks who is Nelia? 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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