Ridhima & Vansh’ Sweet Life Begins. Till Love Do Us Part 12 January 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 98


The Episode started with Dadi saying we will do mehendi rasam. Chanchal said Vansh and Riddhima’s love is true. Aryan said I think you didn’t hear the story of Heer and Ranjha. True love is beautiful but the end is horrible. She said it’s reality, they came closer, our plans will fail. He said you taught me not to leave trying, how long can Riddhima get saved, he will get 5 mins late sometimes, fate will support us, no relation is perfect, we will strike to break Riddhima’s strength and Vansh’s faith. Someone was seen wearing a shawl, adding some chemical drops to the mehendi. Dadi asked Riddhima to apply the mehendi. Riddhima said the colour should come nice. Dadi asked her to have lunch. Riddhima said I will have it once mehendi dries. Vansh looked on. Riddhima applied the mehendi. Vansh brought food for her. Dadi asked can’t you feed her? Why are you shy? When you were sick, she took care of you. Vansh sat and fed Riddhima.

Dadi said Riddhima’s mehendi colour will be dark, it will show Vansh loves her. Riddhima said I will come to show the mehendi to you first. Chanchal said she has no other work than impressing Maa. Riddhima said I have some itching. Vansh said if mehendi isn’t suiting you, then go and wash it. She said no, the colour won’t be dark. He said you think it will be dark by keeping it long or husband’s love. She said both. He said go and wash it and she left.

Angre and Ishani argued. She said I won’t have a servant’s name mehendi on my hands, this drama isn’t needed now. He said I won’t let you do this. She rubbed the mehendi hands on his clothes. She said I wanted a dirty cloth to wipe this mehendi, what can be more dirty than your clothes and she left. Vansh asked why is Riddhima get late. Riddhima came crying. He asked her to show him her hands.

He saw the wounds and asked how did this happen, I won’t leave the boutique girl. She said maybe I have some skin allergy, everyone applied the same mehendi, I don’t care for this pain, I feel bad for Dadi, Dadi was so happy, she will feel bad. Vansh made her sit. He got a stamp and applied the design on her hand. She said I was writing the name of the most special person. He saw Vansh written and smiled.

Dadi liked the design. Chanchal said shagun mehendi colour didn’t get on her hands. Vansh said when a husband has applied the design on his wife’s hand himself, there is no need for proof. Dadi said you are right. Anupriya thinks I will bring out Riddhima’s truth. Dadi asked them to go and sleep, and wake up early for sargi.

Ishani picked some black cloth and smiled. Anupriya said she came to meet you. Kabir said yes, she got clever, she took time and left home, but she didn’t reach, she changed after reaching home. She said it means something happened that changed her mind, she wants to hide the chip. He said I will find out, the card is important for us, the footage clearly shows Vansh pointing gun at Ragini. She said she would have kept it safe, I will check it, very soon we will get the footage. She got a black coat and kept it back in the cupboard. She said I will see how she completes her fast, bye.

Vansh held Riddhima’s hand during sleep. She said you look like an innocent kid while sleeping, calm, lovely, when you get awake, you make everyone silent. She copied his lines and Vansh opened his eyes. He said so I look like this in anger and she moved back. He said you were imitating me. She said no, I…. He said you know your mistake….. I liked it. He smiled and she also smiled looking at him. She said I haven’t seen you smiling like this before, be habitual, you look good. He loosened her hair. Riddhima thinks this moment came after many days, thanks Bappa, Vansh told me the truth, I want to tell everything before the new start. She recalled Kabir’s words. She said I want to say something, like you had a story 3 years back, same way… Vansh said I told you, it was your past, we have to live the present, sleep now, we have to wake up early for sargi.

She thinks I will keep the fast for the first time, I will be doing your wife’s Dharm completely from tomorrow and she held his hand.

The ladies came for sargi. Dadi asked Ishani why didn’t you get ready for sargi. Ishani said relax, I don’t have any saas, I am going to sleep. Riddhima said stop, your sargi is here, your Bhabhi will do the rasam and Ishani took it. Dadi said Riddhima has done her duty, you do her duty now, touch her feet and take blessings. Riddhima said no need. Dadi asked when will she learn the customs. Ishani went to touch her feet. She thinks I will take revenge. Anupriya picksed the sargi plate for Riddhima. She dropped it and fell and Ishani smiled. Anupriya thinks you broke my son’s heart and keeping fast here, I won’t give sargi to you, impossible. Dadi recalled the pandit’s words.

Vansh gifted a watch to Riddhima saying whether that watch stays or not, she will always be in his heart and they had a romantic dance. Later, Riddhima picksed up a channi/sieve and looked at Vansh through it. He took out a gun and shot her and she was shocked….Read more

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