Vansh Saves Ridhima From Getting K!lled. Till Love Do Us Part 13 April 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 213


The Episode started with Vansh running inside the house. Anupriya said good bye Riddhima. Riddhima woke up and became shocked. She shouted Vansh, save me and tried to defend the attack. Vansh came and threw a knife at Anupriya’s leg. She got hurt and flee through the window. He asked Riddhima, are you okay, no need to feel alone, I am with you and he hugged her. He said I won’t let anything happen to you and our baby.

She said but that person will try to hurt me again. He said no, that knife had poison, that person will be paralyzed, just I have the antidote, we will know that person’s face in the party tomorrow. Anupriya removed the knife. She tied a handkerchief to her wound and said Vansh you raged me even more, I will not leave both of you.

Vansh talked to his client on a call and invited him. Ishani came and handover the parcel to him. She said I need to talk. He took the envelope and said I am busy, please leave. She thinks what’s inside the envelope that he got too nervous. Vansh checked their passports. He said Riddhima, this is our last weapon. Riddhima checked their new identities in the passports.

She said our names are different, mine is Shefali, yours is Aayansh, fake passports, what are you planning. Vansh said we are going to die in the party tomorrow, but fake. Ishani heard them. Vansh said I don’t care for my life, but I can’t tolerate anyone hurting you and our baby, we will die in the party and start a new life in New York and Riddhima hugged him.

Ishani thinks so this is Vansh’s plan, he can’t settle down by ruining my happiness, Riddhima can’t make him away from us. Dadi told Siya about Tulsidas. Vansh and Riddhima came there. Anupriya was also there. Dadi asked what happened Vansh. Vansh said Dadi, you and Siya visit Vrindavan and come. Siya said superb idea, Dadi wanted to go. Dadi asked how can I leave you all and go. Riddhima said we are fine, everything is fine, we have your blessings.

She thinks once everything gets fine, we will call you back. Dadi said fine, you make the arrangements, I will go. Vansh said don’t worry, I will make the arrangements, go today itself. Dadi said okay. Anupriya thinks they are planning something, so they are sending the weak links away. Riddhima asked Siya to give medicines to Dadi, don’t give her sweets and oily food, give her tulsi ginger kada.

Siya said it’s a matter of few days, you have to manage all this once we come back. Riddhima thinks how to tell you, you won’t find me here when you come back. Vansh hugged Dadi. Dadi said I am going to Vrindavan, not heaven, what happened. He said I felt like hugging you. Riddhima asked Siya to start the packing, it will be an outing for her also.

Vansh and Riddhima hugged Dadi and Siya and they left. Anupriya said I had seen Vansh and Riddhima, they want to send Dadi and Siya to Vrindavan, away from VR mansion, something isn’t normal, they have some plan. Ishani said I know their plan, Vansh is going to organize a party to distract us, they will show their fake death, they will go out of India with fake identity, but I won’t let this happen, they ruined my family. Anupriya said I will support you, but we need more help. Ishani said I will talk to Chanchal and Aryan, you talk to Kabir, we will get this game in our favor. Anupriya said why did my fingers get numb and she worried.

Vansh and Riddhima got ready for the party and she flirts with him. He smiled and said just for you. She said I won’t come to you easily, there is a challenge, you have to manipulate me so that I come to you. He said you know I love challenges, so lets begin. He removed his coat and she said this is cheating, you have to say something that I come to you. He asked what’s this joke, this just happens in movies, I can’t lose, I don’t have such words to call you here, if you were here, then I would say something to make you go there. She asked what would you say, tell me, I am so curious to know it. She came to him and said say something that I go that side, start.

He held her and said the game is still the same, there is no magic words, but I won, see I got you here. She said cheater, I didn’t say this, I am mad to come in your words, anyway, once baby comes, we will make you lose in every game and he kissed on her tummy. He said when kids win over dad, it’s the dad’s victory, I don’t think baby will come in your team. She asked why, baby will be in my team, not yours. He said we shall keep some name for the baby, if it’s a girl, Vania, if it’s a boy, then Ridhvik. She said I like it. He said the guests are coming, get ready and come fast and he left.

He welcomed the guests. Aryan asked is your info right and Ishani nodded. Vansh thinks 24 hours passed, the poison will start the work, the culprit will come out soon. Riddhima saw someone in the room and asked who is it. She shouted to Vansh. Kabir came to the function in disguise. He saw Angre and Vansh. He went to Vansh and greeted. He said I qm Jaideep Rajawat. Vansh said I was waiting for you. Kabir said this french wine is of your status. Vansh said Angre, take special care of him. Kabir said I got another special gift for you. Vansh said really.

A dancer came and engaged Vansh in the dance performance and placed something in his pocket. Vansh signalled Angre and Angre took the dancer away. Kabir recalled giving the chip to the dancer. He said I want to know where Vansh goes after the party. Vansh waited for Riddhima. Riddhima went to see the person. Kabir thinks where is mom, she told me that Vansh and Riddhima are going to create fake death and go away, but no, Riddhima will go with me, I promise Vansh, I will take Riddhima with me, Vansh you can’t do anything…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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