Vansh Asks Ridhima To K!ll Kabir. Till Love Do Us Part 4 March 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 157


The Episode started with Vansh saying I can cut your throat nerve in a second and kill you, what will happen then, it’s happening which wasn’t expected, it’s called a cheat, she recalled their moments and cried. He asked, how do you feel, is it hurting, are you surprised, do you know it now. He pushed her away and said you will understand it, the pain of cheat is more than the pain of back stabbing.

you have snatched the identity of my soul, I have given you everything, what did I get in return, cheat, you can’t erase your deeds, you totally broke me. Riddhima said please don’t say this. He asked her to shut up. She saw his kurta going to catch fire by the candle and asked him to move away.

She said love needs a price, I have already paid it, I tried to tell you the truth, you stopped me, my past and present are different, my past deserves punishment, but I love you a lot now, if your wounds heal by punishing me, then I am ready for it. He asked you claim you love me, can you prove it?

She said I can do anything, I will give my life if you say. He said no need to give your life, can you take a life, if you truly love me, right, this is the test, can you kill someone, that person’s name is Kabir. She became shocked. She asked how can I take someone’s life.

He said there is no other way, this is the only way to prove your love and truth, you kill the person who made you my enemy, the story will end at exactly the same point, you did that for Kabir, you crossed a bigger limit for me and my love, I know the test isn’t easy, but it’s not easy to get my love.

Someone looked on. Vansh said your next step will decide if you will be with me or without me, the choice is yours, we have Kuldevi puja tomorrow, it asked for sacrifice, if you do this, then I will know you have given a sacrifice, Kabir is a devil, you have to kill him and he left.

Ahana looked at Riddhima. Riddhima sat near the pool and cried. Ahana asked what is it, is it a joke to kill someone, how can you think so. Vansh said you succeeded in spying on me, leave me alone. She said you are forgetting that this was not our plan, you are breaking your promise, do you have a heart or not, how can you fall so low, are you thinking of something else. He asked why do you think I am interested in answering you.

He said I can do anything, no one has the right to come in my way. She asked do you still love Riddhima. He said love is a strange thing, heart has a right on it’s pain also, I don’t think it important to answer you, Riddhima’s love is the second name for pain, it was written in my love, I will decide the outcome, I want to see to what extent can she go for my love, you don’t get into this, else you will regret a lot and he left.

Ahana said I won’t let you play any game with me, I am not your puppet, you have to complete your promise. Riddhima looked at her marriage pic and cried. She said when will you understand how much I love you, forgive me Vansh, how will I do this and recalled his words. She said you have asked me a price for love, it’s tough to pay, but I will pay it to prove my love.

It’s morning, Kabir asked what. Ahana said don’t take this lightly, be alert, Riddhima is going to kill you. He laughed and said I don’t like lame jokes, why would she kill me now. She said you have failed her in making me out of the house, that’s the reason she hates you, don’t take it lightly.

He said I know her very well, she is smart, she can manipulate anyone but she can’t kill anyone, trust me, I know her weakness, get ready now. Ahana thinks he isn’t understanding, if Riddhima is successful in killing Kabir then Vansh will forgive her and break the promise to me. He said Riddhima can’t do anything to me.

Vansh and Riddhima performed the puja. Vansh said I hope your hands will get Kabir’s blood, prove that your love isn’t a cheat. Ahana thinks if Riddhima kills Kabir, then Vansh will forgive her. Pandit asked Kabir and Ahana to come for puja. Vansh took Riddhima and said you have 15 mins to prove your love, is your love a passion or just a cheat, it’s your last chance to prove it, today, you have to sacrifice Kabir to prove your love and gave her the gun. Riddhima because scared. Vansh said maybe my gift made your tough work easy, you wasted a min, you have 14 mins now.

Vansh said you just have 10 mins and Riddhima left. She said I will kill my past for my present. Kabir became shocked seeing her point the gun at him and from there everyone heard a gunshot…Read more

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