Kabir Is Thrown Out Of VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 7 March 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 160


The Episode started with Vansh saying I tried to be perfect for you, what did you do, you want me to forgive you, I am not so great. She said trust me, I didn’t hurt you intentionally, I love you a lot, there is no stain in my love and loyalty. Kabir shouted lie and smiled. He said if you loved Vansh, you had a gun in your hand, I was in front, then why didn’t you kill me, my life matters more than your being with Vansh. Vansh asked him to shut up.

Riddhima thinks Kabir is provoking Vansh against me. She said you are mistaken, I don’t give any importance to you, I could have not killed anyone in your place. Kabir said lie, you lost to your heart, your Vansh lost the entire game, Vansh you are such a loser, what will be the bigger proof, Riddhima didn’t kill me, try to understand the fate, you can’t defeat me, you are born to lose, the reason is Riddhima.

Vansh said stop it, you are alive, because you were not given a life threatening poison, you are your mum’s son, I can’t tolerate you in this house. Kabir said you can’t throw me out, I also have a right here. Vansh said read the name plate, it’s my mansion, VR mansion, I decide who will stay here, it’s my decision, you won’t stay here and he dragged Kabir out of the house. Vansh said be thankful that you are going out alive. Kabir said stories don’t end, you didn’t win, I will come back and Vansh shuts the door. Riddhima asked him to listen.

Vansh said leave me alone. Riddhima said Kabir made us away, I will not let him succeed, I will try till my last breath. Ahana said I know what happened with you, I am also leaving the house with you. Kabir asked her to stay inside the house. She said as you say. He said I will return to the house soon. He ended the call and said Vansh, the enmity has increased, just wait bro….

Vansh cuts the wood logs in anger. Riddhima saw him and recalled his words. She called him out and he threw the axe. She asked him to eat but he responded, leave me alone. She said I will go, don’t talk to me, don’t get angry at the food. She asked him to sit,she then sat on his lap and said I won’t get up until you eat the food. He said get up. She said I did wrong, but Kabir has told you about that by exaggerating it, please have food. He said fine, I will have food. He went and ate the chillies. She asked him to stop it. He said don’t worry, the chillies have no pain like your fake love and care. She said I did the mistake, I should be punished, she also ate the chillies and cried.

Vansh then threw the chillies plate. Riddhima went to pray and cried. She said how shall I make Vansh sure that my world starts and ends with him, please help me. Dadi held her and said I won’t ask the reason, but the Lord doesn’t come but makes a medium, if Vansh is upset, take him to Kuldevi temple, he calms down there, he will get peace. Riddhima said okay, I will take him. Dadi said always remember, my blessings are with you. Riddhima thanked and hugged her. She said I will make everything fine. Vansh drank water. Riddhima brought sugar and asked him to have some sugar.

She said Dadi said every relation deserves one forgiveness and he threw away the sugar. She said I promise, I will not hurt you, now Kabir isn’t in the house, happiness is waiting for us, can’t we make a new start, I know it won’t be easy to forgive me, if you had loved me for a moment, if you felt that my love is true, then for the sake of our love, please agree, your Riddhima will die without you, I can’t tolerate this indifference, tell me what to do to convince you, just one chance and fed him the sugar.

They then cared for each other and he got up to leave but she held his hand and stopped him. She said I have a request, I want to go to Kuldevi temple and apologize, will you take me there. He said my mum’s memories are connected with that temple, it means a new start, it can be good or more painful. She said I am ready to take any risk that brings me to you and he left. Dadi asked Vansh to stay at the hotel if it gets late to return. Vansh asked her not to worry.

Riddhima thinks I can’t tell the real reason, I am sure that your blessings will end our distance. She hugged Dadi and said thanks, I wish this new start is better. He said new start will happen, something will change. Dadi said where there is love, fights do happen, I won’t ask what happened between both of you, go and spend some time. Vansh said when we return from the temple, we will have a new start for us and VR mansion.

Riddhima got a foot sprain and Vansh lifted her up. She thinks this hidden care and love is my hope. The man asked him to fill sindoor in his wife’s maang and he looked at Riddhima…Read more

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