Tumhari Paakhi 12th April 2021 On Atinka Tv – Episode 11- 12

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

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Tumhari Paakhi 12th April 2021 On Atinka Tv episode started with Girish hearing Lavanya talk against Pakhi with Maa ji. He said, it is not right to give someone hope and take it back, it is very painful. Lavanya said, it is because of Pakhi that we got so many problems, Anshuman can’t decline her as it will ruin his image. Girish said, it is not right to play with someone’s emotions. Pakhi is a good girl.

Lavanya said, she will not able to do anything for Anshuman, she can’t take care of anything. Girish took Pakhi’s side over Tanya and Lavanya got angry. She said, the problem is you men like every woman other than your wife. She asked, when are you bringing a girl for yourself? She said, dinner is ready, come. Girish said as you say, my wife.

Pakhi saw that Anshuman was tensed and went to bring something for him. She asked him to stop his work and said, if you have headache, you should have told me. She brought some Nilgiri oil to massage his head. He said I am fine. She made him sit and said, try it. She said, you liked the food I made, it was the first time, now see the magic of my massage. Anshuman said, actually I was and Pakhi interrupted, come on, sit with ease.

She started the massage. Anshuman smiled because he was loving the massage. She asked how are you feeling and He said fine. She asked him to rest.

She asked him to sleep while he looked at the oil. She cared for him and he slept. The next morning, Lavanya woke up with a baby’s cry. She went to see who it was. She saw Girish with his Bua and some little boy crying. Lavanya greeted the Bua. Bua said, many people warned me that Lavanya will feel bad if I stay here for many days, but I was sure if coming here as I am coming to Girish’s house.

Lavanya said yes, I don’t care who comes and leaves from here. Lavanya saw the little baby. Girish said, it is Sudhir’s and Pradha’s daughter, who got killed in the accident. Lavanya smiled seeing the baby and went to her.

Girish smiled seeing Lavanya with the baby Naina. Bua said, Girish, this baby is my responsibility now, she will stay with me. Girish said no, we are happy with Naina. Lavanya cared for Naina. Bua joked on Lavanya. Naina broke a flower vase. Bua laughed and asked Naina not to cry. Lavanya left annoyed. Pakhi started her morning with prayers. She saw Anshuman sleeping and stopped the sunlight from disturbing his sleep.

She kept his hand on the bed and went closer to him. She looked at him, he held her hand while sleeping. She took her hand out slowly and looked at him smiling.

Anshuman woke up after she left. Pakhi came back and wished him a good morning. She said, you slept for many hours, you are looking fresh. He asked what is the time? She said it is 10 in the morning. He said, it is not possible. She showed him the clock. He ran out of the bed and she laughed. He came out of the bathroom wearing a towel. He was shocked to see her. He asked her not to see him and turned.

He said, look at that side, I have to change. She said, I can see you in mirror. She closed her eyes and looked at him through her fingers. He said, now you can see. She said, I was seeing you in mirror. He asked, then why did you not tell me? and she laughed.

Pakhi came downstairs and got the new master key and was charged of Rs. 10000. Maa ji smiled. She asked Rs. 10000? for a key? Anshuman talked to Mr. Rana and gave his commitment. Pakhi came to him and said I got Rs. 10000 bill for getting the key. She said, we used to get two locks in Chittorgarh for Rs. 100, and here see how it is. Anshuman said it is fine, give him the money.

Pakhi gave the money to that man and he left. Maa ji came and said, I got the old key, stop that man. Pakhi said Oh My God, it is a big loss of Rs. 10000. Maa ji said yes, think about Lavanya’s anger if you can’t take care of the house. Lavanya talked to Anshuman and said I love this, Pakhi won’t be able t take care of the house, she got a big shock. Pakhi thought, the Lord has done good to give her a shock, as she will be extra careful from now on. Anshuman said, Pakhi should not be at my house more than one week.

Lavanya said, Pakhi will not be able to win. She said, Pakhi does not have time. Pakhi said, I have to take care of the house with this budget. Anshuman said, Pakhi will lose and go back home. Pakhi said, I won’t break Anshuman’s faith in me, I will win Lavanya’s heart for you and me.

Maa ji was happy to see how Pakhi was losing money. Pakhi came to her and Maa ji spoke sweetly with her. Maa j was only pretending. Pakhi asked Maa ji to show her the old bills. Pakhi said, let me see the bills. Pakhi said, these bills show much amount compared to the budget I made. She said, it shows the double amount, why did you not tell me. Maa ji said, how can I tell you being your servant.

Pakhi said, it is fine, it is good that I came to know, now I will take care of everything. Maa ji got worried seeing Pakhi’s confidence.

Pakhi thought what to do, how to take care of the house within the budget. She thought of Anshuman’s words and said, Wastage of resources is wastage of savings. She got some idea and smiled

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The Episode continues with Pakhi asking Sukhi to wash the clothes at home, there by they can save money of dry cleaning. Maa ji came and said, do as Pakhi says. Pakhi saw many newspapers at home and saw the newspapers bill and thought, no one reads all of them, it is a waste of money.

She thought of cutting down the bill. Maa ji kept an eye on Pakhi. Maa ji called the gardener come, please meet him. Maa ji said, I will order new hangers, give this to me. Pakhi said, it is fine, I will come and she took the old hangers. Pakhi was shocked to see the gardener’s bill about pesticides and fertilizers. Pakhi asked, so many fertilizers at one time?

Pakhi tried to explain to him about fertilizers not to be put at once and he got her point. Maa ji was shocked to see Pakhi’s intelligence. Pakhi said, I am here to take care of these plants in your absence, return these items, we don’t need them. He left agreeing with her. Girish was talking to his Bua and they were laughing. Lavanya came and taunts him. Bua said, he can take ten days leave and be at home. Girish asked Lavanya to come and see the photos. Lavanya got a call and it came for Girish. The call was disconnected and Girish asked, who was it?. Lavanya answered, it was a girl.

Maa ji stopped Pakhi from entering the kitchen. Pakhi entered and said, I want to see how you manage. Pakhi instructed the cook and he got angry and threw the dish into dustbin. Pakhi was shocked and asked Maa ji what is this? the items are ending here. Maa ji responded, yes, it has ended. Pakhi said, I saw it, you got 35kgs daal and how come you used 35kgs in one week. Pakhi checked the cupboards and was shocked to see the extra grocery items. She instructed Maa ji to take care of them. Maa ji and the servants tried to stop Pakhi from seeing everything. Pakhi saw everything that has expired.

Maa ji scolded Ashok infront of Pakhi and said, we got this last week from an imported supermarket. Pakhi said, it is bad to order from home, anyone can go and bring the items personally. She said, you gave me a list and everything is here, you should check the items before ordering. Maa ji said ok, I will see. Pakhi told the servants not to throw food away like that. Pakhi said, make me taste the food first before you throw it and Pakhi left the kitchen. Maa ji saw her place getting replaced by Pakhi.

Lavanya asked Girish who was the girl who called for you. Girish said, I can’t tell, as I don’t know. Bua came there and talked to them. Bua taunted Lavanya and said, I trust my husband a lot, not like modern wives like Lavanya. Lavanya got angry and said, I was not enquiring, I was only asking and Bua left. Lavanya said, see how she is taunting me. Girish is stuck between both of them and said some shayari lines.

Maa ji asked Pakhi for some money to go bring ration. Pakhi said, I will bring it myself, you don’t have to worry. Maa ji asked, what will people say? Pakhi laughed and said, even we need food, we need ration, I don’t care about people. Maa ji said, Anshuman will be annoyed. Pakhi said yes, thats true, but I will talk to him and she left. Maa ji became tensed seeing Pakhi rule. Anshuman was going to a construction site. He thought, Pakhi might be coming with food but I won’t be here to meet her. She might be tensed regarding the budget.

Pakhi bought the grocery herself in the market. She came to know that Anshuman is at the construction site and thought of going there with food for Anshuman. Anshuman was at the site and Pakhi came there with tiffin. Anshuman was shocked to see Pakhi when she surprised him. He said, you are here and she said yes. The elevator started and he held her.

End Of Tumhari Paakhi 12th April 2021 On Atinka Tv

Anshuman and Pakhi had an eyelock. He said, the lift has stopped. The men said, the power is off, and you have to be there till power the comes back. Lavanya was going to fall thanks to Bua and Naina. Girish stopped Lavanya from being angry at Bua and asked her to come for lunch. Bua said to Girish, I heard Anshuman’s first wife came back, it is very good. Pakhi told Anshuman, I brought lunch for you.

He asked, am I a small kid?. Pakhi spoke to him sweetly and said, we should do some sight seeing, look at the beautiful view. Anshuman asked the men to do anything. The men apologized, sorry for not being able to do anything. Anshuman said, they can’t solve any problem.

Pakhi said, if they can’t solve the problem, we should accept it and enjoy the situation. She said, it is good to spend some time with you like this and she smiled. Anshuman looked at her and he said, one minute, and stands on the terrace giving her his hand. She held his hand and hugged him

Lavanya tried calling Anshuman and was shocked to see Pakhi in Anshuman’s arms. Girish smiled.

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