Shocking Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 21 October 2021: Episode 304-305


Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 21 October 2021 Veer said to the family that kanwal’s house was locked, Pakhi said I don’t understanding anything, Veer said his neighbours doesn’t even know about him much.

Nandini said I knew this is my fate, one broke realtion and other ran away without making relation, Veer said don’t worry, it happens, maybe he is anxious as it’s happening so fast, don’t worry, Jiji said I told you not do the engagement today, now see the guy has run away and she left.

Pakhi thinks is Jiji behind all this, Nandini said I will not take Kanwal’s call from now on and they all left. Pakhi said to Riya that I will go to Kanwal’s house and will break the lock of his house and will try to find out the truth.
Lavanya was sadly sitting, Girish came and said tell Pakhi that we are shifting from here, she is part of our life so she should know our decision, call her.

Pakhi came to Kanwal’s house and found her necklace in his house which Charu had stolen. she said that if Charu is doing all this then why is jiji giving intoxicated milk to Veer. Pakhi called charu and said I want to meet you, come into the garden, black gloves of mysterious person was in Kanwal’s house, Lavanya called Pakhi and said can you come to meet me?

Pakhi said I will meet you tomorrow and she ended the call. Lavanya said to Girish that Pakhi doesn’t have time for me, she is too much involved in her new life, she will come tomorrow but we will not be here.
Charu came into the garden, Pakhi came there with the necklace and asked Charu to tell the truth.

Pakhi said you lied to everyone, you say you have illness to take things but how did these things went to Kanwal’s house, you stole all these things and gave them to kanwal, she said I can send you to jail, you said that you don’t even know Kanwal, Charu said I didn’t do anything, this is the truth, I stole everything and gave to them to Kanwal.

Pakhi said how do you know him, Charu said I know him from before marriage, he lured me into his talks and gave me one packet to give it to someone, I saw drugs in the packet and Kanwal recorded all this in his mobile phone from then he was blackmailing me to give money to him else he will show the video to the Police.

she said I didn’t want Nandini to marry Kanwal but I couldn’t do anything, she said Nandini must be lured by him also, Charu asked Pakhi to not tell anyone and she hugged Pakhi. Pakhi thinks, Kanwal is related to all this, I have to find out if Nandini is with him or Jiji.

Some dealers came to see the house of Girish and Lavanya, they liked the house and deal with Girish and they left the house. The dealers talk and said that the offer I have given to them, they will be forced to sell their house, now their house will be snatched and also their money.
Pakhi said to Riya that this plan will work, we have only one day.

that person will try to hit Veer but there is one problem, how we will make Veer understand to get admitted in the hospital, Riya said you start talk with him, I will force him, he will not say no to me.

Riya and Pakhi came to Veer, Pakhi said I want to talk to you, tomorrow’s day is very important, I feel that someone will try to kill you, Veer said this is baseless, why will anyone try to kill me, Pakhi said your family, veer said that’s enough, you are judgmental.

Riya said enough papa, you should listen to Pakhi too, this small family is very important for me and Ayaan, this is not all co-incidence, can’t you go to hospital for me for just one day, Veer said ok stop crying.

I am agreeing to do anything for you Riya but this is the last time, clear your doubts as no one will attack me, he said we will discuss the plan in the garden, the three of them went to garden area.

The plan started, Jiji asked about veer, Pakhi said he has gone for a meeting, she asked when will he come? Pakhi said I don’t know, Riya called Pakhi, Pakhi took the call and started pretending, she said what?

which hospital Veer is taken to? I am coming there, she told Jiji that Veer became unconscious at the meeting, the doctor said he will be under observation for one day,they all were tensed.

Riya told Pakhi one call that jiji is not at home, I am sure she has gone to kill Papa. Pakhi came to the hospital and looked at the record in the register, Jiji’s name wqs written in the register not as visitor but as a patient.


Pakhi asked if veer is admitted in the hospital, Pakhi told them that veer got unconscious, he will be under observation, Jiji said we all will come, Pakhi pointed to Riya, Riya fell on the floor deliberately and said that I can’t stand, Pakhi said ok Jiji and Nandini will stay with you here and Pakhi left.

Veer was playing chess in his room in the hospital, he said where I am stuck, Pakhi came there and found him playing, Pakhi said are you on picnic here? you took Ayaan’s games here, Veer said I will return him tomorrow, Pakhi said that are you afraid of injection?

Veer said we are rajputs we are not afraid of even swords, Pakhi said I have called a nurse to give you injection, Veer said what? I am not ill, I am fine, what’s the need for injection, I will not apply to it, Pakhi said this means you are afraid of injections too, you are afraid of lizards, injections, every small thing.

but I am saying that someone is trying to kill you and you are not worried, Veer said because this is not true, it’s just your doubt, and the person standing here (pointing Pakhi), I saw her climbing up and down seeing cockroach, Pakhi said my call is coming.

veer said I didn’t listen to the ring? veer said cockroach there, Pakhi shouted and Veer laughed. Riya called Pakhi and said that Nandini and Jiji are worried here, Pakhi asked her to keep an eye on everyone and if you find anything suspicious then call me.

Scene 2
Nandini came and gave the juice to Riya, Nandini asked her about her foot, Riya said much better, Nandini said that bad things are happening with us, she ask how is Veer? Riya said he will be discharged tomorrow, Nandini asked about the hospital’s name?

Riay thinks that she is asking too much, Riya told her the name, Life care hospital, Nandini said it must be a big hospital and Nandini left from there. Riya thinks, now lets see Jiji.
Jiji got a call, he asked her to come as it was urgent for her, jiji said not today, the man asked her it is a must for her to come today, we will finish our work today.

Jiji said ok, the man asked her to come to life care hospital, Jiji called Kumu and said that today I am going to do pooja for veer, I am closing the door so don’t let anyone in my room as it will disturb my pooja and kumu agreed.
Riya asked Kumu what kind of pooja is this by closing the door?

kumu said that jiji do pooja like that only, she used to do it in village too, in room, Jiji played the recorder in which her voice was recorded doing thebhajan. Jiji played it and left the house through the window.

Veer said to Pakhi, I should have not listened to you, I feel like am ill here, Pakhi asked him think, he is not in hospital but in a garden, eating apple and relaxing, Veer said very nice but I cant imagine a garden, I am not artistic, Pakhi said you call yourself artist, Veer said I am not able to play even a luddo.

Pakhi asked with whom are you playing, Pakhi said that if you are that much bored then let’s play the game, Veer said we will play hide and seek, Pakhi agreed and said no, what if you go hide then there your work is finished (murdered), Veer laughed, Veer played the game with her.

Jiji came to thehospital. The dealers came to Girishs house, girish said that we are ready to sell the house, Girish gave him the address and left, the dealer called someone.

Girish said to Lavanya that we should think before selling this house, we don’t know about these dealers, Lavanya said I know that it is difficult for you to leave this city but he have to leave it.
Veer was sleeping in the hospital, Kanwal came there and wrote a message on veer’s mobile that I am very much sad with my life so I am committing suicide, no one should be punished for my death, he took a knife in his hands to kill Veer, he was about kill Veer when Pakhi came and said Kanwal, you?

I knew you were the one trying to kill Veer, Kanwal run from there pushing Pakhi and she run after Kanwal but he hid, she found Kanwal but he run again and he left the hospital, Pakhi was frustrated.

Pakhi came to the reception, she asked for visitor’s list and found Nandini’s name in it, she thinks that this means Nandini is involved with Kanwal in all this, she found Nandini there and asked what are you doing here? Nandini said I have to get home and cook food for veer.

Riya came into Jiji’s room and was shocked to find the recorder playing bhajan and jiji missing from there.
Nandini and Pakhi came to veer’s room, veer was not there, Pakhi became worried and called out his name, Veer came from the washroom and asked why she is worried, Pakhi heaved a sigh of relief.

Nandini asked Veer about his health, she said I have got food for you, Pakhi said home food is not allowed here, Nandini said this is not fair, I will give him home cooked food, Riya called Pakhi and told her everything that Jiji ran away from the house and lied that she is doing pooja, Riya said she is two a faced woman, please save my father, she must be coming there.

Veer was beating Kanwal when Pakhi came and said that Nandini is behind all this, Veer said I have no time to listen to all this shit, Nandini said this is not shit and she pointed a gun at veer. Pakhi and Veer were shocked.


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