Tumhari Pakhi Tuesday, 14th September 2021 Episode started with Anuja and Lavanya happy thinking they will win the case. Veer came with Pakhi. Anuja said they are together again. Riya said they are acting. Ayaan showed his certificate and asked Maha ji where is Pakhi.

He said yes, she told me she has some work and she will come late. He asked when will she come. The judge came and said lets continue. Pakhi got a call and the judge asked her not to use mobile. She said she has to take this call as it’s urgent. She talked to Ayaan and said she will come.

Ayaan said he was first prize in the quiz competition. Pakhi said congrats, we will celebrate. She said sorry, it was my son’s call, he was excited to give me good news. He said fine.The defense lawyer told them about Riya’s statement, that Pakhi married to get a father for Ayaan.

He said the man who ruined his daughter’s life, can’t be given Ayaan’s custody. He asked Veer to speak up. Pakhi said she wants to ask few questions from Veer’s side. She said Veer is blamed by Riya, I know he loves her a lot and it won’t be easy to cross question her, I don’t know laws, but being a mum, I know what’s in her heart.

She asked him to permit her to question Riya. The judge said fine, it’s family court, our motive is to find the truth.Pakhi thanked him and said her questions. She asked the lawyer to give her a coin. He said this way she can’t make any decision. She said every coin has two sides. She asked does he have any daughter.

He said yes. She asked did you not fight with her till now, scolded her, and restricted her to annoy her and she went against you. He said this happens in every home, they want to be independent. Pakhi said exactly, and he doesn’t have much time to spend with his children. He said right, what do you want to show.

She said a mum does good upbringing and asked his daughter’s details.She said you don’t control your daughter, maybe you want her to do Law and she is living her life on her terms. She said her questions are over and he can sit now. She said she wants to question Riya now. Riya came into the witness box.

Pakhi asked Riya to what level has she studied. Riya said graduation. Pakhi said from Jaipur’s best college and got funding for London’s education too. She asked did Veer beat you, scolded you, or hurt you. Riya said I told this before. Riya said no. Pakhi said who used to drop you to school.

Riya said Veer. Pakhi asked did he not celebrate your birthday. Riya said he did. Pakhi asked did you feel he is not doing his duty as a father towards you. Riya said I took psychiatric treatments. Pakhi said yes, as you lost your parents, you saw their dead body.

She said any kid have gone through this, my son also went through this, I have hidden this truth from him for so many days. She asked does she have any relatives. Riya said yes. Pakhi asked why don’t you stay with them.

She said Veer did not give birth but still tried to give you the best, best education, facilities, and did upbringing with love, you don’t have any reason to hate him, why do you think he is not a good father, tell me the incident. Riya said she doesn’t have reason, but she hates him.

Pakhi said fine, this happens by childhood incidents, you are blaming Veer for your parents’ loss.She said Veer is her mum and dad now and she is angry wuth him, she feels she hates him and this got strong in her heart.

She said if you realizes anything you don’t have reason to hate him, do you want to try to give him a chance, to know him well, will you see the other side of the coin. The defense lawyer asked the judge to give the decision.

The judge asked Riya will she give a chance to Veer. Everyone looked at her. Veer said I love you a lot Riya. Girish supported Veer. Riya looked at Girish.The judge said Riya will be given 30 days trail time to stay with Veer as his daughter, if her decision doesn’t change, then we will see.

The lawyer said it’s Ayaan’s case. The judge said you got this angle, let’s solve this case first. Everyone accepted the trial period of 30 days. Lavanya said but Riya hates Veer. Riya thinks she loves Girish and she can do anything for him.

She said she accepts this too. Anuja and Lavanya became shocked. Veer and Pakhi were happy. Girish smiled seeing Riya. Anuja talked to the lawyer. He said it’s a matter of 30 days, don’t worry, we will win the case. Pakhi met Riya and said welcome to the family. Riya said don’t be happy, it will be adventure for 30 days.

Pakhi asked shall I send someone or you want me to come. Riya said she managed alone and will do it on her own, I don’t need your help. Pakhi said fine, I will you the message address. Veer came to Riya and she turned and he left. Lavanya asked Riya what’s this, why did you change this.

Riya said Veer should know it’s difficult to be with him, I will make every day hell for him.

Precap:Veer told Pakhi that we gave 30 days to Riya but don’t know will she agree. Pakhi said she will love you in these 30 days. Riya said I won’t say he is a good father.


The Episode started with Pakhi and Veer talking on the way. He thanked her for giving him 30 days with Riya. She said she has a motive to prove him as a good father to get Ayaan’s father. He asked is this the only reason.

She said I understand your sacrifice for love and you agreed to become Ayaan’s father, you can’t be bad. She said it’s enough to trust him. Lavanya scolded Riya asking why did she agree to stay in her house.

Riya said she will make every day hell for Veer, don’t worry, he won’t make me tell he is the best father, I will take revenge and I am doing your work. Lavanya said fine, you have 30 days to prove Veer is a very bad father.

Lavanya and Anuja left. Riya said she said yes as Girish is on Veer’s side, I don’t care who wins, I want to be with Girish, I know my love will win in just 30 days. Veer brought tea for Pakhi. She thanked him.

She said I misunderstood you, I am sorry. He said I got new names, I like it. He laughed and said new medals. She said I did not know that you are going through same pain, hidden in heart.

He said you trusted me soon this time. She said if there is experience, it came to mind easily. He said I tried hard but could not put trust in Riya’s heart, she hates me and this challenge won’t be easy.She told her about Ayaan not accepting her at first, he did a lot to kick me out, hating me a lot and today we are each other’s life, 30 days are much, Riya will love you a lot.

Veer said I trust fate, how it brings two people, we were so apart, Bua called me for Aryaman and now we are together, I really feel our fate is similar, and we can atleast become friends.He said friends and forwarded his hand. She smiled and shaked hand saying friends.

He said I owe you for this, I will not forget this favor. She said for keeping our kids with us, Riya will trust and love you, and even Ayaan will be with me. Her saree got stuck in the door and he helped her. Lavanya asked Anuja not to worry, as Riya will not support Veer, Pakhi can’t change Riya.

Anuja said you are a fool, Pakhi won Ayaan and Anshuman’s heart, she made you support her too. She said even Veer is supporting her now, she will bring Riya near Veer. Lavanya said no, its impossible, if Pakhi wants to prove Veer is a good father, she should go with Veer.

Anuja said Ayaan will go with her, don’t forget our aim, Aryaman did not come back, we have to pressurize her. We have to take Ayaan from her and now we have to stop Riya from coming close to Veer. Riya packed her bag and said who is going for Veer, I am going for Girish. She called Girish and talked to her.

She thanked him for suggesting her to give last chance to her and Veer’s relation and he also gave advice to follow dreams. Girish said you are a smart girl. Riya became glad. Girish said I think you can do well. She said she will shift today and will manage.

She said she doesn’t have money to shift. He said I will help you after doing my work. She said no, its fine, I will manage. He insisted. Riya said fine, I will be ready, thanks. She said she is so happy and this 30 days will start with Girish and he will be hers soon.Ayaan asked P

akhi who is Riya. Veer said she is my daughter. Pakhi said your elder sister, like Lavanya is your dad’s elder sister, she will stay with us. Veer laughed with Ayaan’s innocent words. Ayaan thanked them for bringing a sister for him. He said his friends also has elder sister, I will share everything with her.

I will make space for her in my room. Pakhi said no, she will stay in another room. He said no, it’s my big room, I will clean the room, I will set it. Pakhi said fine. Ayaan sent them out.Maha ji and the servants asked Pakhi about the court result. They praised Veer and asked when is Riya coming.

Pakhi said anytime, welcome her well, decorate the house and I will cook food for her, it’s her first day. Lavanya asked Ayaan what is he doing, making space for Riya. He said yes, help me. She said we have many rooms, she will stay anywhere. Ayaan said she is my sister and will stay with me.

Lavanya said she is not your sister, but step sister. She filled his ears. Lavanya said step sisters are very bad, and Riya is very bad, she doesn’t love you and Pakhi.Ayaan said I won’t tell this to Maa, there is nothing like step sisters, she is my sister, all this is wrong, Riya will love us. He said Maa will turn her into good and she will love all of us.

Lavanya became angry and left.Girish came to pick Riya and asked her why does she hate Veer. He held her hand and she held his hand as he moved away. She thanked him for understanding her. He said let’s go.

The servants made welcome arrangements. Sukhi made Bhelcome board. Ashok looked at it and Maha ji came. They saw the mistake and scolded Sukhi. He wrote Riya’s spelling wrong and it’s Rai.Pakhi asked Ramesh to get fresh pastries and saw the board. She laughed and said it’s limit.

You will annoy Riya by doing this. Maha ji said no, she will like it and will wish to stay here. Anuja and Lavanya see this. Anuja thinks she won’t let Pakhi win, Riya will ruin her hope.Precap:Pakhi fell on Veer.

Riya came and saw them. Pakhi saw a nightie and was angry as Veer gifted it. Veer gifted something else and asked her to wear it as they have to start it some day. She became annoyed being mistaken.


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