Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021



The Episode started with Pakhi leaving with Chutki from the net café. Anshuman followed her. Chutki told Pakhi that Anshuman was coming after them, she will sit in between, did he say anything. Pakhi’s slipper got damaged. He said give it to me, I will get it repaired. Pakhi went on bare foot. Anshuman brought the slippers and placed it at her feet asking her to wear it. Chutki said wear it, he brought it with love. Anshuman said, I did the mistake, why did you punish yourself. Pakhi didn’t wear it. Anshuman looked on.

Anshuman also removed his shoes and walked barefooted. Chutki saw him and told Pakhi. Anshuman’s feet got burnt and he was unable to walk with ease. Pakhi looked at him holding the shoes. He gave her the slippers again. She didn’t wear it and left. Lavanya did the pregnancy test and was shocked. Girish came to her and looked at her. He asked what happened, why are you so sad. She said, her friend came and told my symptoms are of pregnancy, so I should do the test. He says then what happened. She showed him the test. He said it shows you are pregnant and she smiled. Girish danced with joy.

He said I can’t believe this, don’t wear heels, thanks so much, I was waiting for this, you have me much happiness, now our family will be complete. He asked why are you not happy. She said I waited for this for years and I got it now, I am happy but I am afraid, Naina is small and my work, and Anshuman, I am afraid i can’t manage all this. He said we both will manage, no stress no tension, be happy. I want to live this happiness, I love you.

Anshuman talked to Ayaan and told him what happened today. He cared for her feet. Chutki heard him. Anshuman said I feel she doesn’t car about me. He ended the call seeing Chutki and asked her to come in. He saw the medicines and thinks Pakhi has sent it. Chutki said no, I brought this, I know you both had a fight. I can see. She said I will apply. He asked, did Pakhi apply this. Chutki said no. Anshuman said I will also not use it. Chutki said I don’t like this. He said even me, I want this fight to end, she is angry at me.

Chutki asked him why, so that she can give him idea. Anshuman said it doesn’t matter, I am trying, what to do she is not agreeing. She asked, did you say sorry. He said I said many times since I came here. Chutki said it means it reaching her ears but not her heart. She gave him an idea. He asked, will this work.
She said bet on this and she left. Anshuman said Ayaan used to give me ideas in Shimla and here Chutki, I am taking ideas from kids, who knows it will work.

Anshuman heard Tausa talking. Chutki asked Anshuman to go. Anshuman asked are you sure. Chutki said no one will tell you anything as you are son in law of this house. Chutki said just go. Anshuman thinks of Chutki’s words that Pakhi likes jalebis and she will be happy. She came to the shop and got a call from Ayaan. Ayaan said whats going on. Anshuman said I am going to take jalebis. Ayaan said wow, it menas she agreed and you are celebrating with sweets. Anshuman said no, I am trying. Ayaan said whose genius idea is this. He said if you need my help, you can ask.

Anshuman said no, don’t talk to her, I will do this. I want her to be my wife, not your mum. Ayaan saud keep it up, you are on the right track, all the best. Anshuman ended the call. Anshuman asked Nattu ji is there any jalebis. He said I am not fine, come tomorrow. Anshuman said I need it, take much money. He said take from the other shop. Anshuman said I want it, it’s special and can make someone happy. He said sorry, I can’t. Anshuman thinks how he made ice gola for Pakhi. He said I order you.

Chutki called Anshuman. Anshuman made the jalebis himself. Chutki asked him is he bringing the jalebis. He said I am making it. She said fine, make it, don’t bring it home, just make it there and leave everything to me, and she ended the call. Anshuman said Chutki said bring jalebis and now asking me to stay here, I feel this stupid. Chutki asked Pakhi to come with her to buy some jalebis. Bhabhisa asked Pakhi to go. Chutki convinced them to come with her and thinks she is bringing them to Anshuman. They came to the shop and saw a crowd. They were shocked to see Anshuman making the jalebis. Chutki signalled Anshuman and smiled.

Anshuman asked Pakhi to have the jalebis but she left. Tausa and everyone asked Pakhi to eat it as Anshuman made it for her. Anshuman made Pakhi eat the jalebis.


The Episode started with everyone seeing Anshuman making the jalebis. Nathu kaka said he is not ill so Anshuman is making it himself for his wife. Everyone praised Anshuman and said he is very loving. Pakhi looked at him. Nathu kaka said, you made jalebis for her with love, make her eat with love. Bhabhisa said we will go as he has made it for Pakhi and they left. .Anshuman brought the jalebis for Pakhi saying do you remember how many jalebis in holi. She thinks about it. He said only you and I were there and our love, forgive me, I will never hurt your heart again, I promise. He said this jelabi is my heart dipped in sugar syrup.

She looked at him and thinks how he called her characterless. She left without eating it. Anshuman got upset. The doctor gave the diet chart to Lavanya. Lavanya asked it’s my late pregnancy, so will there be any complications. She said it can be, but don’t worry, it will be fine. Girish said I will take care of her. He showed her the books on pregnancy. Lavanya said you are not serious. He said I am, I started reading these books. She said I know you won’t help me. He said I will, don’t worry, breathe in, breathe out.

The doctor said, you really have a loving husband, God bless you. Anshuman thanked Nathu Kaka and got a call from Lavanya. Lavanya asked whats going on. Anshuman said I am trying but she is not agreeing, Pakhi is not melting, I made her heart a stone. Lavanya said every love has to go through test. She talked about her and Girish as an example. She asked him to try. She told him about her pregnancy. Anshuman was happy for her. He said what, Congratulations, I am so happy.

She said tell Pakhi that someone special is waiting for her. He said I will tell her, I failed but have i hope, I promise I will bring her, take care, I love you and she ended the call. Anshuman brought the jalebis home. Everyone had it, praised Anshuman and laughed at well. Bhabhisa asked Pakhi to eat it. Tausa asked did she have. He asked Pakhi to have it. Pakhi said I will eat in some time. Tausa said eat now, he made it for you with love. Anshuman brought the jalebis for Pakhi and she ate it.

Everyone looked at them. Anshuman made her eat with love. Taisa said Pakhi is shy, close your eyes everyone. Everyone saw them hiding. Anshuman asked Pakhi did she like it, he will give all tests for her, forgive him once. He said, now I can’t bear this annoyance, please forgive me. She hugged him.

It was all Anshuman’s imagination. Everyone asked Anshuman to make her eat it and thet laughed. Bhaisa said if someone makes sweet in in-laws house, we have to give him Nek. Bhaisa gave shagun nek to him. Anshuman said the nek is good, thanks. Tau sa said we should celebrate. Bhaisa said, let’s play a game which we enjoy but Tausa should only see. They thought of what to play. Bhaisa showed Anshuman the game’s rules and guided him. Anshuman said that’s easy. Bhabhisa said we will play men versus women. Pakhi said I won’t play.

Tausa asked Pakhi to play. Bhaisa said Anshuman is our team captain. Bhabhisa said our team captain is Pakhi. Anshuman took into Chutki in his team. Bhaisa asked Pakhi to keep her hand on Anshuman’s and she did.They played and Anshuman told Pakhi I came here to save our relation and I will do it.

Anshuman made Pakhi win the game. Bhabhisa said you guys lost and now have to dance on Rajasthani song. Anshuman danced on the song. He told Pakhi he will take care of her and will change for her.


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