Shocking! Vividha Gets Chopped By Dangerous Terrorists – Full Details!

Vividha Gets Chopped By 10 Strong Ghetto Boys

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Vividha gets chopped by a gang of terrorists led by Zeenat who invaded the Vashists family house in the absence of Ravish, who got diverted by the terrorists.

Ravish arrived and found out that his family has been held captive, meanwhile the men who attacked the family are about to take advantage of Bhoomi but Vividha offered herself to be “chopped” instead. Jesus!

Vividha Gets Chopped – Full Nyanya!

The man tells their leader, Zeenat that Bhoomi was roaming here and there, and if she will permit, they will like to chop her. Vividha pleaded on her behalf but Zeenat insisted that they do anything with her but they should come on time.

It could be recalled that this Zeenat came to their house disguised as Aruna whose daughter Atharv brought home as his friend to feed her because she was dying of starvation. Unknowingly Vividha asked Ravish to accepts her into the house out of sympathy and before Ravish could find out that Aruna is Zeenat, the terrorist were already on their way to attack his family.

Vividha scolds Zeenat for being to be wicked to a fellow woman. Zeenat says to her, I know these men can lose their lives in this mission, and if they want a good time, who am I to resist them? Vividha asks them to leave Bhoomi and offered herself instead. Bhoomi gets shocked. Zeenat being amazed praises Vividha on how she is taking risks to save Bhoomi’s respect. And noted how she is always bent on making sacrifices then she asked her to go with the men.

The men laughed and were happy for getting such a beautiful girl as a substitute who had offered herself to them for free. Bhoomi and Vividha weep. The man didn’t allow Suman to go to the bathroom when she asked to. But the other man allows her to go. Zeenat comes downstairs with Bhoomi. She then asks Suman to come quickly. Kalindi asks Bhoomi the reason behind her shouting and in the same way Vipul asks her if everything is alright.

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Zeenat tells them that nothing happened to Bhoomi, and she should be grateful that Vividha has risked her respect to save hers. They all get shocked. Atharv asks Sujata what she meant to say, and where is Vividha? Zeenat orders him to sit quiet calling him mad. Sujata apologizes. Atharv reminds her that captain will come and shoot her. Sujata pleaded with her to leave Vividha. I’m telling you beforehand, Atharv said. Captain will beat you.

This Is How Vividha Gets Chopped In Jaana Na Upcoming Twists

The men take Vividha to the room and close the door. Vividha cries. They see Ravish and Vividha’s picture and praise their Jodi. The man asks Vividha to take it as if he is captain Ravish. The other man tells her, you got two captains now. Vividha kept on crying. But she recalls Atharv’s encouraging words. She recalls Ravish’s words about making use of the tactics and being fearless when fighting with the enemy.

Sujata cries and prays for Vividha. Daddy Ji sits worried. Kalindi, Sujata and Bhoomi cry. Vividha recalls the training given to them by the army officers. The men ask Vividha to agree now since there is no way she can get saved. Vividha beats the man.

The other man uttered that you don’t understand the love language. Vividha gives him a hot slap and beats the hell out of him with the vase. The man catches her.

Vividha Gets Chopped Almost – But Suman Saves The Day

Suman goes to her room and the man follows. She hits the man. She hears Vividha and rushes. Vividha beats the man. He aims a gun at her. Suman hits on the man’s head and saves Vividha.

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